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Carrot Broth™
One-step method for screening pregnant women for the presence of group B streptococci. more »

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Manufacturers We Represent
Hardy Diagnostics is an authorized distributor for over 80 manufacturers of fine laboratory products.  The following list is arranged alphabetically by order of manufacturer.  The products in quotes are trademarks of the company listed directly above.

For pricing and packaging information, see our Online Catalog .  To order any of the listed products, see Placing an Order .  If you would like to obtain additional information about any of the products listed you can contact your account representative , telephone us toll-free at (800)266-2222, or email .

Adenna Gloves

Arlinton Scientific, Inc. (ASI)
ASO Test Kit
CRP Test Kit
ProPhase™ Plus HCG Test Kit
RA Test Kit
RPR Test Kit
SLE Test Kit
Mono Kit
VDRL Reagents

Aseptic Control Products
Cavicide® Surface Disinfectant
VioNexus Antiviral Hand Soap
VioNexus No Rinse Gel for Hands
VioNexus Towelettes

ASM Publications
ASM Pocket Guide to Clinical Microbiology
Clinical Microbiology Procedures Handbook
Diagnostic Medical Parasitology
Biological Safety
Manual of Clinical Microbiology
Medically Important Fungi
Specimen Management in Clinical Microbiology

BD Bioscience
Crystal™ Enteric and Non-fermentor ID Kits
Enterotube™ Enteric Identification
Oxi/Ferm™ Non-fermenter ID Kit
Sensitivity Disks

Best Sanitizers
Soaps, Disinfectants, Sanitizers
No Touch Dispensers and Sinks

Latex screening kits:

InPouch™ TV for T. vaginalis

NOW® Influenza A & B
NOW® Legionella
NOW® Strep A

Boekel Instruments
Heat Blocks
Petri Plate Racks
Slide Dryers and Stainers
Test Tube Racks
Water Baths

Boehringer Mannheim
Chemstrips™ Urine Dipsticks
Chemstrip™ 10 with SG

Bomex and Sibata Glassware
Beakers, Glass
Burets, Glass
Flasks, Erlenmeyer, Glass
Flasks, Volumetric, Glass
Pipets, Volumetric, Glass

Slide and Vial Storage Boxes

Chase Scientific Glass
Capillary Tubes
Sealing Compound for Hematocrits
Pasteur Pipets
Sedrate Tubes, Glass
Test Tubes, Glass
Test Tubes, with Screw Caps

Clearview - Unipath
Chlamydia, Direct Test Kit
Listeria Test Kit
Pregnancy Test Kit
Strep A, Direct Test Kit

Swabs & Transports
Nichrome Loops & Needles
Platinum Loops

Denka Seiken
RPLA-Toxin Detection Kits
MRSA Latex

Excel Scientific
Water Sampling Vials

Globe Scientific
Centrifuge Tubes
Chemistry Analyzer Cups
Microcentrifuge Tubes
Plastic tubes, vials, cups
Sedrate Tubes
Test Tubes

Hardy Diagnostics
AFB Smear Fix™ for TB Slides
AlbiQuick™ for Rapid Candida ID
AnaBag 150™ Environmental Bag
Bacti-Sponge™ for Sample Collection
Beta Lactamase Rapid Test
BluEcoli™ Urine Biplate
CalCheck™ Loop Calibrators
Campy Gas Tank™ Microaerophilic Gas
Carrot Broth™ for Group B Strep
CatScreen™ Test for M. catarrhalis
Coagulase Cryovial™ for S. aureus ID
ColiScreen™ Rapid Test for E. coli
CRITERION™ Dehydrated Culture Media
CryoBeads™ for Stock Culture Preservation
Culture Media; Plates, Tubes, and Bottles
CVM Transport for Chlamydia, Viruses, Mycoplasma, and Ureaplasma
DesiView™ Desiccants for Disks
Dilu-Lok™ Dilution Bottles for Industry
E. coli Rapid ID Kit
EcoliPRO™ 0157
Enterococcus/Strep Rapid ID Kit
EnteroScreen 4™ for Salmonella and Shigella
Evirene™ Xylene Substitute
Enviro-Swab™ for Sample Collection
Flagella Stain Droppers
Flip-Lok™ plastic vial with attached lid
Germ Tube CryoVial™ for C. albicans
HardyDisk AST™ for sensitivity testing
HardyDisk ID™ for identification
Hippurate Rapid Test
HUGO™ technical reference manual (software)
Immersion Oil
LanaGram™ Gram Reaction Kit
LoopCaddy Inoculation Loop System
McFarland Latex Standards
McFarland Turbidity Standards
Microscope Lens Cleaner
M. catarrhalis Test Kit
MucoGest™ Digestant for TB and Mycology
Mycology Flasks
MycoMount™ Adhesive Strips for Wet Mounts
MycoRack™ Bottle and Tube Racks
MycoSeals™ Shrink Seals for Petri Plates
MycoVue™ Slide Culture System for fungi
Nitrocef Matchbook™ beta-lactamase test
OxiStrip™ Oxidase Test Strips
ParaCon™ II
ParaKit™ Fecal Concentrator Kit
Petri Plate Dispensers and Racks
PROSlide™ Microscope Slides
Protect-All™ Acrylic Cleaner
PYR Test Kit
Rapid Urea Medium Kit for H. pylori
Reagents in Droppers with Hinged Lids
RSU Test for C. jeikeium
SaniMyst™ hand sanitizers
SaniStation™ portable sanitizing station
Skim Milk CryoVials™
SpeedStreaks™ Disposable Loops
SplashGuard™ Benchtop Shields
SporAmpule™ Liquid Bioindicator
SpotDrops™ Microbiology Droppers
StaphTex™ Staph Latex Kit
StrepB Carrot Broth™
StrepPRO™ Grouping
StrepQuick™ Rapid ID for Gram Positives
SureTight™ Specimen Cup
TB Prep Kit
TB Reagents for Specimen Decontamination
UriStain™ Urine Sediment Stain
X and V Factor Disks

Transporter™ Specimen Swabs
Bulls-Eye Urine Screening Plate

Hema Resource
Animal Blood and Serum

SpotCHECK Plus™
SystemSure II - ATP Luminometer
UtraSnap™ Swab

Lab Aprons
Sontara Lab Coats
Tyvek Lab Coats

Pipetters, Adjustable
Pipetters, Fixed Volume

Lippincott-Williams & Wilkins
Bergey's Manuals
Diagnostic Microbiology by Konenman
Handbook of Phlebotomy
Laboratory Mathematics
Medical and Laboratory Reference Books
Stedman's Medical Dictionary

McCormick Scientific
Bacti-Cinerator™ Loop Sterilizer

Medical Action
Autoclave Bags with Indicators
Biohazard, Red Bags™
Lab Specimen Bags with Requisition Pocket
Sharps Containers and Boxes

Medical Chemical Corporation
Alcohols, Acetone
Para-Sed™ Fecal Concentrator System
Parasitology Transports
Sed-Connect™ Fecal Concentrator System

Blood Culture Prep Kits

MedTek Diagnostics
Hemawipe, Occult Blood Test

Meridian Diagnostics
Ecofix One Vial Transports
ImmunoCard® Test Kits
ImmunoStat 0157' for E.coli
Merifluor® Test Kits
ParaPak® Ultra'
Premier Test Kits

Bile, SPS, & Nitrate Disks
DuoPak™ Stock Organism Swabs
EZ-Accu™ Shot EZ-CFU™ for USP Testing
EZ-FPC™ for Food Labs
Indi Kwik™ CO2 Indicators
Kwik Stiks™ Stock Organisms
Lab-Elite™ Certified Reference Material Lyfo Disk® Stock Organisms
Neisseria Kwik GC Test

NeoPro Chloroprene Synthetic Gloves

Microgen™ Listeria-ID
Microgen™ GN-ID
Microscreen™ Campylobacter
Microgen®Legionelle Microgen Rotascreen Microgen™ Salmonella

Aldex Formalin Neutralizer
Anaerobe Jars, by Almoore
ClickSeal™ Sterile Specimen Cup
CliniSeal™ Centrifuge by Vulcon
CytoSeal™ Slide Mounting Medium
Diff-Safe™ Blood Smear Dispenser
DisCide™ Antimicrobial Towelettes
DuraSeal™ Stretch Film
Erada™ Stain Remover
FaceShield with Tilt-up Window
Fyrite™ CO2 Analyzer
Gloves; Nitrile, Latex and Vinyl
Guide to Antimicrobial Therapy by Sanford, MD
Kimwipes™ Laboratory Tissues
LAP Discs for Gram Positive Cocci, by Key
Neisseria ID, Wee Tabs™, by Key
Sanisol™ Disinfectant Cleaner
SeraTek™ MHATP Kit for Syphilis, Ames
Sharpie Permanent Lab Markers
Slide Mailers by VeeGee
Specimen Mailing Cans
Splash Shield Face Shield
Timers, Clocks, and Stopwatches
UV Lamps, Long Wave, Hand-held
Wavicide™ Disinfectant and Cleaner

Mosby-Harcourt Publishing
Atlas of Infectious Diseases on CD
Bailey and Scott's Diagnostic Microbiology
Clinical Chemistry
Laboratory Reference Books
Medical Encyclopedia for Healthcare Professionals on CD
Physicians GenRx on CD

Whirlpaks® Sampling Bags

New Horizons
Gonogen EIA Test for Gonorrhoeae
Profile-1 ATP Detection Instrument
Trust Syphilis Serology Test
Smart Rapid Direct Strep Kit

Plastic Lab products

Anaerobic Indicators and Catalyst
AnaeroGen™ Anaerobic Generator Envelopes
AnaeroGen™ Compact Bag System
AnaeroJar™ Anaerobic and Campy Jar
CampyGen™ Campy Gas Generator
CampyGen™ Compact Bag System
Gas Generators; CO2, Anaerobic, and Campy
Dehydrated Culture Media
Dipslides, for Urine Culture
DrySpot Test Kits
Listeria Identification Kit
Rapid Salmonella Kit
X and V Factor Disks

Parter Medical
Petri Dishes
Specimen Cups

PDI Prep Pads
Alcohol and Iodine Wipes
'SaniCloth' Pop-up Wipes

SediPlast™ Sedrates for ESR
Test Tube Racks

Autoclave Tape
Chex-All® Sterility Pouches
MicroSlide Box
Seracult Occult Blood Cards
VelKet® Velcro Tourniquet

Puritan Hardwood
Applicator Sticks
Cotton Swabs, Sterile and Non-sterile
Cytology Scrapper
Tongue Depressors

Chemistry Controls
QuanTscopics™ Urine Controls
Cardiasure® Cardiac Controls
QuanTsystem Urinalysis Slide System

Group B Strep, Rapid Direct Test
H. pylori Rapid Test Kit
QuickVue™ Influenza Test Kit
QuickVue™ Chlamydia Kit
QuickVue™ HCG Test Kit
QuickVue™ Step Test Kit

Disposable Transfer Pipets

Seradyn (Alexon-Trend)
Chemistry Controls
Color Spot™ Autoimmune Kits
Color Spot™ Borrelia (Lyme) Kit
Color Spot™ TORCH Test
Color Vue™ Cryptosporidium Kit
Color Vue™ E. coli 0157 Kit
Color Vue™ Giardia II Kit
Color Vue™ Pylori Kit
Color Vue™ Mycoplasma Kit
Mono Color Slide II Kit
SeraTest' ASO
SeraTest CRP Latex Kit
SeraTest RF Latex Kit
SeraTest Rubella Kit

Sharps Compliance
Sharps Disposal Containers

Sherwood - Monoject
Angel Wing Safety Needles
Blood Collection Tubes and Needles
Corvac Cell Separator Tubes
Lancet Skin Puncture Devices
Samplette Blood Collection Minitubes

Simport Plastics
Culture Tubes
Inoculating Loops, Disposable
Specimen containers

SPS Medical
Autoclave Controls and Supplies

Star Publishing
Handbook of Dermatophytes
Identifiying Filamentous Fungi
Medical Mycology and Mycosis Manual
Wadsworth Anaerobic Bacteriology Manual
Reference Books

Culturtab™ Cup for Urine Transport
Drug Screen Specimen Kits
Specimen Cups
Histology Containers
Pre-filled Formalin Containers
Swabs and Transports

Laboratory Certified Thermometers
True-Tempe™ Thermometers

Thermo DMA
Acrylic Lab Organizers and Dispensers
Cappers™ Test Tube Caps
Chemistry Reagents
Chemistry Controls and Calibrators
Trace Lithium Reagents and Standards

Autoclaves, Benchtop Models
Autoclaves, Floor Models


Hematology Stains
Histology Stains
Microbiology Stains
Parasitology Stains
Reagents; Acetone, Alcohol, etc.

Clearview™ Kit
Crypto-LA™ Cryptococcus Kit
Impact Rubella Kit
Rheumaton and Rheumatex™ Kits
Mono-Test™ and Mono-Plus™
Streptozyme™ and Immunex CRP™

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