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Carrot Broth™
One-step method for screening pregnant women for the presence of group B streptococci. more »

building CulGenex™ is an array of products specifically designed for the molecular biology researcher.
  • Growth media available in plates, broths, and powders.
  • Products are manufactured in a FDA licensed facility with an ISO 13485 certified quality management system, and tested to the highest standards!
  • Ready-to-use LB agar plates with antibiotics to suit your needs.
  • Pre-measured powders to make 500ml of media. Just add to water.
  • Variety of supplements including Xgal, IPTG, and antibiotics.
  • Wide variety of molecular grade buffers and reagents in 1X
    and 10X concentrations as well as saline and ultra-pure water.
  • Waters and buffers are endotoxin-, DNAse-, RNAse-, and protease-free. download catalog
  • Easy-open tamper evident seal on bottle caps.
  • Prepared agarose gels for electrophoresis; just melt and pour.
  • Click here to download our complete CulGenex™ catalog.
  • Contact us to receive more information about CulGenex™.

culgenex water solutions
Bacterial Growth Media Yeast Growth Media Molecular Grade Water
We offer plates, broths, and powders for bacterial growth. Click here to see all of the bacterial growth media offered by CulGenex™. CulGenex™ offers plates, broths, and powders for yeast growth. Click here to learn more. Purified, sterile, endotoxin free, water for microbiology. Click here!
Dehydrated Buffers, Antibiotics & Supplements Electrophoresis Gels
and Buffers
E. coli Competent Cells
Packaged in easy-to-use mylar packets of powder pre-measured to make 500ml of buffer. Click here Electrophoresis gels and reagents for molecular biology. Gels are ready-to-use, just melt and pour. Click here DNA transformation in 20 seconds,without heat shock! Click here

All CulGenex™ products are offered exclusively through VWR.
You may contact VWR by three methods:
Toll Free - (800) 932-5000
Fax - (856) 241-7900

At Hardy, you will find a complete selection of laboratory supplies including clinical and industrial culture media, rapid test kits, stains, reagents, dehydrated culture media, molecular biology media, buffers, reagents, animal blood products, antisera, proficiency testing programs, anaerobic gas generators, specimen swabs and transports, dilution vials, QC microorganisms, susceptibility disks, immunology kits, pathogen detection kits (Salmonella, E. coli O157, Listeria, MRSA, Staph), Petri plates, agar based prepared media and broths, chromogenic media, mastitis media, incubators, environmental monitoring supplies, parasitology and mycology supplies, custom media formulations, disposable gloves, labcoats, loops and much more!
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